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There are 10 Diary issues per year. If you would like to contribute a letter, article, photograph or any other information, please do. We love to hear from our readers. Information can be e-mailed to dalgetybaydiary@gmail.com alternatively handwritten / typed information can be sent by post to the Diary Editor, please call 01383 822370 for address details.

Articles must be received by MIDNIGHT on the 10th of the month. Please bear in mind that the deadline is very strict.

 If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact dalgetybaydiary@gmail.com

Enquiries about Diary distribution should be made to dbhccsecretary@gmail.com

For all Community Council matters, please contact (Secretary)

Tel: 07522 928110 or by e-mail dbhccsecretary@gmail.com

For Advertising queries please contact Ian Chisnall, (Diary Adverts), Tel:01383 620919 or by e-mail scottishprint@aol.com