Timms Trophy Annual Award

Date for Nominations 2019 will be posted in the Autumn

The Timms Trophy was presented to the Community by Clive Timms a former resident and Community Councillor of Dalgety Bay who was very active within the local community where he discovered there were many unsung heroes going the extra mile to help others. When his work meant he had to leave Dalgety Bay he wanted to leave behind a Trophy that could be awarded annually to individuals or groups to acknowledge their outstanding voluntary work or to someone who is always there willing to lend a helping hand,  perhaps a kindly neighbour.

 If you would like to make a nomination please wait for the nomination date and then complete the form below or email secretarydbhcc@gmail.com Alternatively call 07522928110 and leave a message with the name of the person/ group you would like to nominate and the reason why. 

Nominations should be received by 31st December 2019. The person/group with the most nominations will be awarded the Trophy.

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